Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Progress: Goodbye and Hello

 We are sad to say that we have lost original writing team member Phil Duncan (Not corporeally, just to too many projects to juggle;)
We appreciate his initial input and would like to bid him well on his efforts on "Dennis" (short film-dark comedy) and other writing endeavors. That said, the world must go on, and with that I am pleased to announce the addition of writer and film creative Mark Mars. Mark wrote several episodes of the much revered MTV animated series AEON FLUX created by Peter Chung.
We are in discussions with a few other writers trying to determine the final make up of our team and scope and direction of this project before we announce the "official" launch!
Keep watching the skies (and here) to discover the world we are about to create for you!

T. Reed
Composer/Music Producer/Writer and general Artist Freak (potentially from another planet;)